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Understanding & overcoming imposter syndrome

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, plus which industries are most affected? Imposter syndrome is defined as “the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.” It’s such a common phenomenon that almost 40% of UK employees may be affected…. Read More

The worst management traits

Do you or your business leaders possess any of these worst management traits? Many managers never really set out to become managers at all. As no doubt you’ve witnessed in your own career, it’s common to simply climb the ranks as new opportunities arise. It’s also common to enter team leadership roles without any formal… Read More

New job considerations

What tops your list of new job considerations? Here’s what the rest of the UK is saying… Today marks the start of National Careers Week. In honour of the occasion, a new survey has explored the most important elements people consider when making a job change. The top new job considerations are said to include…… Read More

Inappropriate salary discussions

Are you having inappropriate salary discussions with recruiters and employers? Or rather, are recruiters and employers having inappropriate salary conversations with you? One salary-related tweet has generated a big reaction. Someone attempted to headhunt a tech professional for a role with a salary that’s £25,000 below her current rate. The reason? Apparently the company could… Read More

Staff over tech for high growth companies

It’s all a question of staff over tech, according to high growth small businesses in the UK… Before we get into the stats, it’s important to understand the value of high growth small businesses. These are the companies that: Account for only 2.9% of UK businesses, yet contribute to 84% of ‘net employment growth’ (employing… Read More

The most motivated age

When do employees reach their most motivated age? And what’s wrong with these sorts of findings? The Independent’s latest careers news headline caught our eye. It states that ‘people are most driven aged 33.’ The article, based on research by Bupa Health Clinics, suggests that this is the age when people are likely to be… Read More

The worst day of the week?

What’s the worst day of the working week…and which professionals are most likely to suffer from Sunday night fear?  Mondays have long earned a reputation for being the least popular day. After all, it’s the day that most people are grappling with all of the firsts of the working week. Commutes, refilled inboxes, and task lists… Read More