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Ghosting in recruitment

Why ghosting may be a growing recruitment issue – and why you really want to avoid being a part of it! Mostly, ‘ghosting’ refers to dating. It describes the act of ending a personal relationship suddenly and without any explanation…or further communication whatsoever! This cultural phenomenon actually entered the Urban Dictionary back in 2007 and… Read More

Working with Gen Z

This year, Gen Z employees are expected to outnumber their millennial peers in the workplace… We’ve previously introduced you to Generation Z. This is the generation born from about 1996 onwards and it’s a group also referred to as the ‘post-millennials’. If you’ve read the above-linked post, you’ll know that Gen Z differs from other… Read More

What employees want & need in 2019

Do you know what most employees want from their employers? It’s always interesting to see how your daily hopes differ from those of your colleagues. Of course, if you’re the employer it also becomes rather beneficial to know those factors that could be getting your team down. Sometimes, the least expected concerns may be those… Read More

FAQ: understanding your payslip & tax code!

Wish you understood your payslip and tax code? You’re far from alone! Here’s a helpful guide complete with links to make sure you’re earning what you should be… If you’re an Appoint temp, you’ll receive your payslips directly from us. Payslips are issued on a weekly basis (and are sent the week after you last worked)…. Read More

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