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The TUC calls for heatwave action!

The TUC has now urged all UK employers to take heatwave action. Here’s what they’ve been suggesting, along with some handy links… Heatwave action for all employers! Temporarily reviewing dress codes, meaning fewer jackets/sleeves and more lightweight casual options. Additionally, outdoor workers may be enabled to work earlier and/or later in the day – avoiding the midday… Read More

Interview FAQ: Tell me About Yourself!

How to answer the oft-dreaded ‘tell me about yourself’ interview question… You’ve arrived at your interview, you’re already feeling the heat, and then it comes – ‘tell me about yourself…’ You wouldn’t be the first to draw a blank at this point. What do they want to know? Is there anything to say?! Well, fear not… Read More

Summer HR News

The Summer HR News is whizzing its way to you all. Make sure you receive your copy… Calling all managers, directors and HR professionals, it is time for the latest edition of our quarterly HR Newsletter… The Summer HR News is all about getting set for the season, while confidently tackling some of its most… Read More

Culture matters to marketers + latest jobs news

Why culture matters to marketers, jobs are ‘going unfilled’, and EU workers are looking elsewhere. Discussing the latest recruitment news from around the UK… Story 1: “Culture, not pay, motivates marketers to move jobs.” Source: Marketing Week UK marketing professionals prioritise workplace culture, training opportunities and a healthy work-life balance above salary levels. These findings… Read More

Beat the Boredom!

How to beat the boredom at work (& why it’s not always such a bad thing)! Almost 1/2 of UK workers feel bored at work, with 54% of people having job-searched as a result. This is according to the latest research shared by HRnews. The findings also show… 26.6% of people say they do ‘the same… Read More

Confidence at Work

Simple ways to increase your confidence at work – and all while reaching your goals! 1) Meet your Goals Research shows goals act as ‘mental cues’, increasing our attention, motivation and commitment. Additionally, the act of working towards goals actually boosts our belief in our abilities to achieve them. In other words, effective goal-setting is… Read More

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