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Top job search fears

What currently tops the list of job search fears? Plus what can you do to beat yours? We understand how daunting the job hunting process can be. It’s often especially nervewracking for those who are just embarking on their first career roles, as well as professionals who’ve been in the same positions for some time,… Read More

Training as an incentive

Why we all need to see training as an incentive at work… Currently, HR Review reports that only 25% of HR professionals believe their employers provide a ‘learning culture’ for their staff. The remaining three quarters say: They’re still working towards creating a learning environment (59%:). Such a culture is completely absent (11%). This isn’t considered a… Read More

Are traditional CVs dying?

Are CVs dying out? Will social media ever truly replace the CV? Let’s see what the research is saying… Recruiting Times has reported that 44% of survey respondents aged 18-24 would rather make their job applications via Twitter than by CV. This group suggests that CVs appear ‘boring’ and fail to fully communicate an individual’s… Read More

Psychology for career success!

Understanding some simple aspects of social psychology could make all the difference to your job search. Not to mention your future career success and relationships! Today we’ll explore two such elements: the type of confidence you should aim to display at work, plus how the ‘liking gap’ could already be affecting your career. Psychology essentials:… Read More

Job-seekers missing out!

Are you one of the many job-seekers missing out on career opportunities because of misunderstanding the skills required? HR News reports that more than 1/3 of candidates have not made a job application due to not understanding the skills required for the advertised role. An additional 46% say they struggle to identify which skills they… Read More

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