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The creative & innovative employee

How creative or innovative do you get to be on a daily basis? It’s important to remember that these words should apply to all industries and jobs, not just the artistic! Creativity and innovation allow us all to work in new ways, formulate new ideas, and progress. However, employers and managers are overestimating just how… Read More

Are you married to your job?

Does it feel like you’re married to your work? If so, you’re among more than a ¼ of British employees who feel this way… Research led by Perkbox (and shared by Recruiting Times) shows that: 45% of people routinely work more than an hour beyond their standard day – with weekends included. Almost ¼ have… Read More

Working parents news roundup

There are have been a number of new articles regarding the challenges faced by working parents… The part-time penalty Source: Working Families & Bright Horizons Our first news source cites stats from the ‘Modern Families Index 2019’. Both the summary and full edition reports are available for free download. Working Families and Bright Horizons Family Solutions… Read More

Are you being upskilled at work?

Employers may be failing to ensure their team is regularly upskilled. And their employees may pay the price with their future career… What is upskilling (and is upskilled even a word)?! It might sound like just another marketing buzzword. However, ‘upskilling‘ has entered the Cambridge Dictionary and is defined as “the process of learning new… Read More

A positive recruitment agency relationship

How your recruitment agency relationship affects your job search. Plus the latest news regarding the UK jobs boom… Your recruitment agency relationship: HR News has just released some great data surrounding the benefits of working with recruitment agencies. They report that: The majority (64%) of candidates surveyed worked with a recruitment agency to ‘find at… Read More

A happy workspace?

There’s a lot of talk about workplace happiness, yet how about a happy workspace? We’ll explore how your surroundings impact your mental health… Why this research matters: While you couldn’t be blamed for thinking there are more pressing issues to consider, how you feel about your working environment could actually be part of a large… Read More