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How to calm nerves before an interview

Due to recent events, many people across the UK are facing the prospect of looking for work. So, we thought we’d gather our thoughts on how to calm nerves before interview. Perhaps you’re well used to the interviewing process. Or maybe it’s been years since you’ve had to think about it. Either way, it’s natural… Read More

12 tips for effective virtual meetings

With home working here to stay for the foreseeable, virtual meetings have become a standard part of many employees’ lives. Managing workloads against a backdrop of family members, housemates or curious pets can be tricky anyway, let alone if you’re required to spend much of your day on camera. Need some pointers? Take a look… Read More

Starting a new job working remotely

If you’ve managed to secure a new role mid pandemic, take a look at our top tips on starting a new job working remotely. We’ve been pleased to see many employers continuing to actively recruit during this strange period. But many workers starting a new job during lockdown may find their first weeks or months… Read More

Understanding & overcoming imposter syndrome

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, plus which industries are most affected? Imposter syndrome is defined as “the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.” It’s such a common phenomenon that almost 40% of UK employees may be affected…. Read More

The worst management traits

Do you or your business leaders possess any of these worst management traits? Many managers never really set out to become managers at all. As no doubt you’ve witnessed in your own career, it’s common to simply climb the ranks as new opportunities arise. It’s also common to enter team leadership roles without any formal… Read More

New job considerations

What tops your list of new job considerations? Here’s what the rest of the UK is saying… Today marks the start of National Careers Week. In honour of the occasion, a new survey has explored the most important elements people consider when making a job change. The top new job considerations are said to include…… Read More

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