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Why you need a creative side project

Are you achieving your creative potential? Do you even consider yourself creative? We look at the research from Bloom and how this may benefit your career… Creativity is calling! The majority (64%) of people say they haven’t reached their creative potential; a statistic which increases among younger respondents (reaching 71% for 18 to 34-year-olds). These findings… Read More

No time for free time?

The British working population is feeling the strain once again, with many people saying they have no time for ‘free time’ in their working weeks… This statement accounts for 43% of a recent survey population (as reported by HRnews). More specifically, the workers state they have anywhere from ‘little’ or ‘very limited’ to absolutely ‘no’… Read More

Another record month

August was yet another record month for employment. We explore what’s happening with the latest recruitment stats… Employment figures are at their highest since records began: National employment statistics have been recorded since 1971 – and there’s never been a period of greater employment than now. This means more people are in work than ever before… Read More

Autumn HR News: appraising the appraisal!

It is that time of the year once again. Our Autumn HR News special has officially been issued to inboxes throughout the region (and beyond!)… Autumn HR News 2017: This year’s edition is all about the employee appraisal. So many companies have discarded the traditional annual appraisal in recent years. However, there are some exceptional new… Read More

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