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The most irritating office habits

Which office habits do employees find most irritating? Interesting reading for anyone with colleagues! It’s time for the third and final post in our Vanquis Bank ‘Professional Gripes Survey’ series – and this post really explores those daily gripes. Don’t forget to catch up on the first two installments, which include… How many professionals would… Read More

The job skill of the future

Which one job skill do we all need to work on for the benefit of our future careers? Most experts agree that automation will dramatically change the job landscape over the coming years. It’s recently been said that “white-collar jobs will be swept away faster by digital change than in any previous economic transformation.” White-collar… Read More

A promotion without a pay rise?

Would you accept a promotion without a pay rise? Professionals in certain sectors are more likely to do this… This is the first in our Vanquis Bank ‘Professional Gripes Survey’ series. The survey is a nationwide office study exploring ‘what makes UK workers tick and what ticks them off!’ For many people, the whole purpose… Read More

At breaking point + common job complaints

As two separate studies say employees are at breaking point, we take a look at what this means. Also sharing the most common job complaints… An issued shared by 61% of male professionals: The first survey (conducted by CV-Library and reported by Recruiting Times), reveals that… 61% of men have reached their breaking point. In this… Read More

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