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Not enough work to keep you busy?

Do you have enough work to keep you busy each day? This topic is inspired by one of the Guardian’s recent ‘Working it out’ columns… This column is designed to give readers the chance to submit their work-related problems. Rather than roping in careers experts to respond, it’s then fellow readers who get the opportunity to share… Read More

Employee disengagement: the 5 reasons why

What’s at the root of your employee disengagement, whether you’re the disengaged employee or the person hoping to inspire them? This issue affects around 70% of staff members – and costs companies up to 10% of their ‘customer ratings’. Business owner George Rouse has discussed the possible causes with HR News. Summarising Rouse’s suggestions… Employee disengagement… Read More

Over on the Appoint LinkedIn!

Did you know that the Appoint LinkedIn page also houses exclusive content? As you know, we use the main Appoint news page to update you on the latest recruitment and business happenings. That’s whether you’re reading the news as a job hunter or manager/employer. In fact, you’ll find many articles detail specific advice for all parties…. Read More

Report: 10 years of changing workplace trends

How workplace trends have changed, according to the findings of a 10-year study… The purpose of this study is to explore how ‘Alternative Workplaces’ have influenced and impacted today’s businesses. About ‘Alternative Workplaces’: This label applies to any “non-traditional work practices, settings and locations that supplement or replace traditional offices.” For instance, the flexible working,… Read More

Small businesses face recruitment challenges

Are small businesses really facing extra challenges when recruiting new staff? A vast 81% of small business leaders believe their recruitment challenges are greater than those faced by their larger business counterparts, according to a report in HR News. This research specifically relates to companies employing fewer than 10 people, also known as ‘micro-businesses’. What… Read More

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