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UK salary news roundup

Sharing three of the latest salary news items from around the web. These pieces cover the national payrise forecast, the well-paid jobs that don’t require a degree, and the possible job-switch effect… Salary news #1: a national pay rise Source: HR News Half of all employers surveyed intend to offer their team a pay rise of… Read More

Only for the money?

Do you only go to work for the money? UK workers are more motivated by pay rates than any other European country surveyed. What does this tell us about our culture of work; how could this affect your search for the perfect job or employee? For the money: the research reveals… For 62% of UK… Read More

The side hustle is here!

The age of the side hustle is upon us, says the Henley Business School. We share the latest facts, what this means for you, and some of the ongoing discussion around this topic… What is a side hustle? Definitions vary but, according to ‘The Side Hustle Economy’ white paper, this counts as any “small business or… Read More

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