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Wellbeing is higher among older employees

There’s some good news ahead, as older employees experience greater workplace wellbeing… One large-scale study – conducted on more than 10,000 people across 131 countries and over the course of three years! – shows that workplace wellbeing increases ‘progressively’ with age. It’s the employees in the oldest category (workers aged over 65 years) who represent… Read More

Job acceptance regret

Have you ever experienced job acceptance regret? This sentiment is growing among professionals… Our first news finding relates to Gen Z job-seekers (those with birth dates ranging ‘from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s’). However, you’ll see that the problem is far from exclusive to this age group. New findings reveal that… 40% of Gen… Read More

What’s most important right now?

What’s most important to you – your job and salary or your social and love life?  It appears that most British employees select the former, prioritising their work and income ahead of their relationships. Looking at the stats… 54.7% of British people say their work life is most important right now. 13.8% of respondents prioritise… Read More

A work stress & health special

Reviewing the latest news on work stress and mental health – including some tips to improve yours. Understanding the research findings can help you make changes to benefit your working life, alongside the lives of those you manage…  Work stress: who’s feeling it most? Professionals aged 35-44 represent the most stressed employee group, with more… Read More

Many more temps to be recruited

UK businesses plan to recruit many more temps, reveals the latest REC JobsOutlook… On comparing their intentions against last month, employers are: 10 percentage points more likely to recruit temporary workers within the short-term. In terms of REC data, this means within the next 3 months. 9 percentage points more likely to recruit temps across… Read More

The cost of a poor recruitment decision

How each poor recruitment decision mounts up to a vast national cost… We recently discussed the issues of recruitment and CV fraud  – and detailed some of their financial and non-financial implications. Well, new data has emerged to illustrate the price paid by the companies mistakenly recruiting fraudulent applicants. Crowe UK reveals that businesses are… Read More

Is a 4-day week the future norm?

Could a 4-day week become the new ‘norm’ for employees and help solve the nation’s working challenges? This is the core theme of multiple HR and recruitment news features published within the past fortnight. Living in the overtime capital The UK has sadly earned itself the moniker of ‘unpaid overtime capital of Europe.’ The average… Read More

SMEs express recruitment confidence

How SMEs perceive their recruitment abilities – and how they’re looking to attract new employees. Plus what the rest of the employment market stats are saying… SME stands for ‘small and medium-sized enterprises.’ This refers to any business with fewer than 250 employees. Together, these companies employ more than 16 million people, which accounts for… Read More

Is it your dream job?

Thinking back to your childhood, and more specifically age 5, what was your dream job? This formed the basis of a viral tweet at the start of this year. So viral, it even made its way into the Independent along with some of its more imaginative(/obscure!) responses. How about in adulthood – have you made… Read More

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