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Measuring Job Quality

The first measure of Job Quality has officially been launched. What is it and what’s affecting job quality right now? Who’s rating your Job Quality? This measure comes from the CIPD in the form of a new annual survey. This means workers themselves will be rating their own job quality as well as its relative… Read More

Career FAQ: what next

What to do when you’re asking ‘what next’ for your career… This is the latest in our FAQ series – which aims to answer as many of your most common CV, interview, recruitment and career questions as possible! The question of ‘what next’… And this question can crop up at any time in your career…. Read More

The first-day rule

About to start a new job? Time to mull over the first-day rule… This rule, also known as ‘the one thing you shouldn’t do when starting a new job’, comes fresh from the Independent. It’s a conversation starter in itself; one that we’ve not heard from other career experts. So, what is this first-day rule… Read More

Measuring your soft skills

Your soft skills may soon be measured. Here’s why – plus our thoughts on what this means for recruitment… Soft skills versus hard skills in recruitment Your CV no doubt already houses a mix of soft and hard skills. Or, at least, it should! Hard skills could also be named ‘objective’ skills as they’re the… Read More

Flash decisions & career travel

Why flash decisions go both ways during an interview, plus the reasons workers aren’t wanting to travel… Flash decisions We’ve long been told first impressions count and perhaps none so more than when you’re in an interview situation. Your handshake, choice of outfit and ability to hold eye contact can famously sway an employer closer… Read More

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