The first-day rule

About to start a new job? Time to mull over the first-day rule…

This rule, also known as ‘the one thing you shouldn’t do when starting a new job’, comes fresh from the Independent. It’s a conversation starter in itself; one that we’ve not heard from other career experts.

So, what is this first-day rule exactly?!

At its core, it’s making an effort to get to know your colleagues before you launch into the story of your life.

In other words, show your interest, ask questions and all around make an effort to find out about their ‘roles, talents and achievements’.

Wouldn’t it be easier to tell them a bit about you first?

The article describes how easy it is to fall into the trap of promoting your own accomplishments and ambitions upon meeting new people. Apparently, this can lead your new colleagues to feel ‘nervous or annoyed because they don’t know you.’

Our thoughts…

This makes good sense, yet to a limit. There’s a big difference between launching into your every hope and dream, and in offering up some conversational morsels for your new colleagues to work with. Especially if they’ve asked you a question!

Furthermore, first-day nerves could transform your friendly questioning into a machine gun fire of interrogation. Plus not all of your new colleagues will actually want to promote their own talents and achievements to someone they’ve only just met. Also unsettling!

Instead, we’d tend to recommend playing it a little safer. Show an interest but don’t make things too personal – stick to conversations about the role or company itself. Throw yourself into your work. Make an effort to be friendly and approachable.

If you’re asked a question about your previous work, you can keep your answers safe and positive. You don’t need to share everything at once!

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