The hiring limbo

Why employers are in a ‘hiring limbo’, according to the latest REC JobsOutlook…

An increasing number of businesses are selecting the ‘I don’t know’ box when asked about their forthcoming recruitment plans.

This includes:

  • 34% of businesses considering the short-term use of temps
  • 32% of employers exploring their use of agency staff over the next 4 to 12 months
  • 18% of businesses considering medium-term recruitment

In addition, 35% of employers perceive the national economic situation to be worsening. And it’s these concerns and uncertainties that appear to be at the root of the problem.

Is this all bad news? 

No. These surveys offer valuable employment insights, however, they only represent a snapshot of what employers are thinking and doing. This is a national survey of 600 businesses. Meaning a great number of employers are not represented in the stats. Including many local companies!

Alongside this, we must remember that each of the above figures represents considerably less than half of the total pool surveyed.

Plus, just because an employer doesn’t know whether they’re recruiting doesn’t mean that they won’t be! As the REC states, ‘businesses are likely to make more ad-hoc decisions about recruitment’ at this time.

So, what should we do with such information?

It’s really helpful to consider this as part of your informed recruitment process. You may notice a change in the number of competitor companies recruiting in your sector at any one time. Yet you may not notice any changes at all! We say be prepared to keep your eye on the jobs listings to see what’s happening locally right now.

We talk much more about how you can use this information to your benefit within a job search here…and here!

The main thing that matters is whether you’re able to find relevant opportunities within your field. Yet, however thriving the employment market is, this process can take time.

Of course, for employers, it’s also about finding the most appropriate candidates for your changing needs. If you have any specific questions regarding the current recruitment and/or candidate market in the Bath and Wiltshire areas, please call the office on 01225 313130.

Please note: we primarily recruit for commercial office roles. For an indication of the types of vacancies we recruit for, please visit our Jobs page.