The secret of success: for job-seekers, colleagues, managers & bosses!

Looking for success in your career? One of the recruitment industry’s leading figures may have shared the secret to this!

The TEDx Talk behind this conversation…

We have today shared a link to Kevin Green’s TEDx Talk, ‘why our jobs matter now more than ever’. It’s an 18-minute clip and we’d urge you to watch it in full when you get a mo.

Kevin Green is the outgoing chief executive of our accrediting body, the REC. Green has done so much to champion the recruitment and employment market over the past decade; he has kindly shared some of his many insights on the future of jobs (and how we can get ahead of AI technology!) with TedX.

We don’t want to say too much about the talk as we want you to watch it yourselves! However, there’s one quote that we specifically want to discuss today…

“Lifelong learning is a dream worth doing.” – Kevin Green

If there’s such a thing as the secret to success, this is surely it. Especially at this point in time.

Lifelong learning for success as a job-seeker: 

This quote perfectly chimes with our recent discussions around the future of jobs. Particularly our increasing need to ‘re-skill’. Remember the fact that reskilling 70% of workers could create 48 possible career paths (as opposed to the present 3)?

We’ve also recently discussed the specific career skills that we’ll need by 2020. The ability to be a lifelong learner will not only help you increase these, yet it directly fits the fifth skill on the list – cognitive abilities. The more we train ourselves to learn, the stronger our learning pathways become.

Beyond this, the notion of continual learning also ties in well with the research elements that are so essential to our Job Hunting tips and Personal branding suggestions.

To this end, putting more focus on continued personal learning could not only increase your suitability for future jobs yet also make them easier to find and apply for. This isn’t to say you have to hotfoot it back to university. Learning can also be done for free and in your spare time through books, online courses, local workshops/seminars, and more. A great topic for another day!

Lifelong learning for success as a colleague & employee:

First up, let’s not forget that the majority of current colleagues/employees are also future job-seekers. To this end, all of the above also applies to you!

However, in the meantime, there are other direct benefits to adopting a lifelong learning mindset.

In your capacity as an employee, you’ll routinely demonstrate the fact you have the ability to learn. Which, as Harvard Business Review explains, is a wonderful attribute when it comes to increased responsibility and/or promotion time!

It also helps keep your work fresh and engaging, which is far more motivating on a day-to-day basis.

Furthermore, the more that you learn the more you can support your colleagues. And the more you do this, the more benefits tend to come back to you! Of course, you can also help your colleagues learn something new for extra benefits all around..!

Lifelong learning for success as a manager &/or boss:

Once again, many of you will look for a new role at some point in the future, so the job-seeker section is of relevance. Plus the benefits for colleagues will also frequently apply!

Alongside this, you’re in the powerful position of being able to encourage lifelong learning in others while also furthering your own education. Both are incredibly worthwhile.

The TEDx talk shows us why this is vital for current and future working generations. Nurturing your team’s personal development will help make them feel recognised and valued. Something that is so central to your staff retention rates.

It could also be used alongside an increased focus on workplace experimentation – which employees are crying out for throughout the land!

Just think how much each element could contribute to your business development and success. Plus, on a personal level, you have the opportunity to garner so many new skills that will enhance your performance as a workplace leader (and we all know how much poor management has been in the news of late!).

Keep on learning…

We hope you’ll all keep Kevin Green’s quote in your mind this week as you look to learn something new. Let us know what you’re learning about – tag @appoint_recruit on Twitter & hashtag #lifelonglearning.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Green for all of his wonderful work to date – and wish him all the best for his next steps!