Personal branding for job-seekers!

Have you ever considered your personal branding as a job-seeker? The notion may leave you feeling cold. However, it’s simpler than it sounds and it could make all the difference to your job search!

1) Package yourself

Picture any household name brand. What do you see – perhaps a logo? Some packaging? A distinctive set of colours that features in all marketing materials? Don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in graphic design for this tip to be applicable! You simply need to think in terms of consistency of message. This means making sure that all visible communications (including your personal presentation at interview; your CV layout, and your social media content) are in line with each other. Not only visually, yet also in terms of their content or ‘message’.

2) Become an expert

Whatever industry you’re in (and whatever the level of role that you’re looking for) you can expand your expertise in your field. Use pockets of spare time to make this happen. It could be switching your evening TV for some time spent reading up on businesses like those you’re hoping to join. You could seek out a free course, watch a tutorial, read a book, practise a skill. Keep a record of what you’ve been doing – both for your own benefit and as CV and/or interview inspiration. Interviewers are impressed by initiative and determination.

3) Research your ‘slogan’

In this instance, your slogan is those words that you want to be remembered for – and the words that others would use to describe your distinguishing attributes. AKA, what sets you apart from your competition! Your slogan doesn’t have to be shared publicly, yet it could act as a nudge for the skills you wish to highlight in your CV and other job-seeking communications. To gather yours, ask former colleagues and employers to describe you in a few words to a brief sentence. You’re looking for honest participants…and those you’re happy to notify of your job searching intentions!

4) Promote your value…

And this is your value to the businesses that you’re applying to. Just as a corporate brand will broadcast its customer offering, you want prospective employers to know what you can bring to them. This isn’t to say you will (or should!) lose sight of your own needs, yet you want to put the business at the centre of all your communications. What is your competitive advantage over the six other people they’ve shortlisted so far? See points 3 above and 8 below!

5) Put yourself out there

Successful brands tend not to hide away, rather they make themselves well known to their intended audience. Send your CV to relevant recruitment agencies (those serving related industries) as a general applicant – even if there isn’t an immediate vacancy of interest. Stay engaged. Keep an eye on the company’s social media (for instance our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds) so that you’re aware of any new needs. You’re also more likely to spot the latest news items and job-seeking tips sooner!

6) Share your achievements

Why reserve your CV as the only place to shout about your achievements? Your social media feeds are great platforms for promoting your abilities. Without breaking any work confidentiality (or other such contractual clauses!), you can talk of great days, new qualifications, successful projects and more. You don’t even have to give full details, yet do keep things honest. Not working right now? Think about the items discussed in ‘become an expert’ above.

7) Create a ‘portfolio’

Portfolios aren’t only for creatives. And you don’t have to make one at all! However, putting together a brief document that provides recent work examples –or acts as a visual record of your latest achievements– can be a wonderful ‘plus’ for interviews and recruitment agency meetings. Focus on quality and simplicity of content. What can you represent in imagery/bullets/graphs?

8) Hone your awareness 

“Perhaps the biggest benefit to personal branding as a job seeker is self-awareness of your unique skills and talents, and recognition of what you’re passionate about and what differentiates you from others…” – this quote (found in a Forbes article that’s very much worth a read!) reminds us of the need to understand what makes us each unique as job-seekers. Your Skills & Achievements Master List is at the heart of this approach – and your personal branding efforts!

We appreciate that each of these suggestions takes time. Don’t feel you have to tick through everything at once.

Your takeaway points…

  • Be consistent in your communications.
  • Use spare time and initiative to learn more about the role/industry you’re applying for.
  • Ask others to help identify your strengths.
  • Show prospective employers what you can do for them.
  • Make sure you’re sending your CV to the right people (and staying engaged with them).
  • Use your social platforms to highlight your skills, experiences and personality.
  • Create a brief document highlighting your recent achievements/projects.
  • And combine all your new knowledge into one skills & achievements summary – which will underpin your job searches (current & future)!

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