How do you feel about your commute?

Our daily commute is getting us down according to two leading HR magazines. How do you feel about yours?

1) HRnews – ‘Is it time to boot the commute?

Our first piece highlights some eye-opening stats:

  • 24 million people regularly commute for 56 minutes a day, with 3.4 million commuting for two hours or more. This can equate to 400 days in a lifetime.
  • The average person now spends £146 a month on their commute or £135,871 across the course of their working life (that’s £305 and £200,000 for Londoners).

It’s not just these stats that made the article stand out. Rather the post also explores the mental and physical consequences of this lifestyle choice.

What’s more, it takes a look at the impact that our daily travel has on our wider working practices. Including how this is shaping the shift towards more flexible working arrangements and an increase in staff fitness incentives.

2) HR Magazine – ‘Employees tempted to leave by shorter commutes

In a separate study conducted by Vodafone, workers were asked how they felt about their travel arrangements. It turns out 60% of people would opt for a shorter or less frequent commute (with the findings split almost evenly between these two alternatives).

The reasons for this are unevenly divided between a desire to save money (30%) and the fact it would be more productive (70%).

Unsurprisingly, Vodafone has used these findings to support the argument for remote working with some tech support. The company suggests productivity could be increased by up to 20% by using such methods. They also support the idea of flexible working for the ‘talent attraction and retention’ benefits.

On a similar note…

Both of the above posts support stats shared in other recent news items. It provides further evidence of the increased demand for flexible working options, while also demonstrating another reason that employees feel they lack spare time.

Such news items are helping to build a greater picture of our daily lives and the challenges faced by today’s worker.

Of course it’s not always easy to find a role close to home; especially if you are following a specialist or niche career path. Often it’s a case of prioritising your core working values and what’s most appropriate at this time.

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