World Mental Health Day 2017

Today is World Mental Health Day 2017 – no better time than to review the latest mental health work news…

Why do we need a World Mental Health Day?

Mind says more than one in six workers now face common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. What’s more, they cite work as the leading cause of personal stress.

The latest Mental Health at Work survey supports this statement. A survey of 3,000 workers says 60% have experienced a mental health issue due to their work. Additionally, 15% say their problems have led to ‘demotion, disciplinary action or dismissal’.

These stats have been shared by Sky News, that separately reveals how the Royal Foundation will be investing £2 million to the cause. Specifically to support workplaces, schools and the military ‘to make mental wellbeing a priority and make sure everyone can get access to the help they need’.

More mental health workplace stats… 

Whichever article you turn to, the findings are worryingly similar. In the region of 5.8 million UK workers have attended work when feeling mentally unwell due to embarrassment, old stigmas and fears of career repercussions. However, mental health also remains a leading cause of workplace absence – and a third of GP ‘fit notes’ (accounting for more than 5 million people) now apply to mental health matters.

What can we do to change this?

As employees, the first thing we need to do is to learn to prioritise our own mental health. Use the contacts and resources below as a starting point, alongside discussing any concerns with your GP.

Managers and team leaders have work to do help break the taboos and open up conversations and lines of support. Resources such as those from Mind may prove helpful.

Of course, employers should also recognise their role to support employees of all levels – which in turn supports the productivity and performance of the wider business. Review working practices and increase HR/team support wherever possible. For recruitment assistance, please call the office on 01225 313130 or email

Contacts & Resources:

  • Samaritans of Bath & District: 01225 460 888 (local charges) / 116 123 (free line). Confidential 24-hour support for all.
  • B&NES Talking Therapies: one-to-one appointments, plus courses and workshops. Anyone aged 18 and over that is registered with a BANES GP can access this service.
  • Mind: this prominent mental health charity offers a variety of insightful materials for individuals and employers.
  • Bryonny Gordon’s Mad World: a 10-episode mental health podcast that opens up the conversation with the help of Prince Harry, Gizzi Erksine, Will Young and more.
  • How to Reduce Stress at Work: our mini guide to help minimise this common workplace problem.

As a reminder, please always contact your GP regarding any mental health concerns. As the stats show, you are far from alone.