How to give good constructive feedback

The power of good constructive feedback can be remarkable, yet do you know how to provide this? We turn to today’s Business Brunch for the answers… 

This topic is the natural follow-up to our Autumn HR Newsletter. How better to take on the latest performance review methods than when you can confidently provide helpful constructive feedback? Especially in the case of more challenging times.

What can we tell you about good constructive feedback?

We thoroughly enjoyed researching this edition, which took us down a number of interesting avenues, including:

  • What is the connection between feedback and employee trust?
  • Which is the most important step in making this effective?
  • How can you use feedback to develop your employees’ (/colleagues’) skills?
  • What are the four main types of feedback?
  • How should your approach differ when discussing positive or negative feedback?
  • Why do managers need more training in this area?

And perhaps most interestingly of all…

  • What do you do when the person you’re working with is particularly difficult/frustrating?
  • How do you give your boss feedback?

We call on Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Muse, and more to answer each of these questions. You’ll find everything enclosed in today’s Business Brunch.

Supporting your team:

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