The Summer Slowdown?

Are you feeling the summer slowdown? How this phenomenon is affecting employers and employees this year…

This post is inspired by two of the latest articles from The first introduced the concept of the summer slowdown. For many, this is the time when staff and client holidays transform the office into a more relaxed setting.

Such a setting brings additional thinking time..!

The article, written just four days ago, warns employers that an increase in thinking time can lead staff to question their job satisfaction.

It consequently encourages business owners to prevent employee restlessness through staff development and engagement strategies.

But does 2017 tell a different story?

In a separate article published today onrec suggests that four in five businesses may not actually experience the summer slowdown this year. This is according to the latest statistics from the ONS. So, no additional thinking time, after all?

Perhaps not. However, these stats are solely based on predictions from business managers, rather than current outcomes.

There’s also a regional divide…

Local South West companies are among the most optimistic, with Welsh businesses also reporting high hopes.

Conversely, Northern Managers and those in the Midlands are less optimistic. What’s more, businesses of more than 500 staff predict a greater decline in employee productivity.

The article recommends that businesses take a proactive approach to minimising disruptions. Within this suggesting that ‘skilled temporary staff’ may help ‘maintain productivity.’

Rewards for employee engagement are also encouraged. In this instance, the piece relates ‘happy and productive employees’ to financial gains.

How are you feeling?

Do you sense the Summer Slowdown in your workplace? As an employer, would you like to receive temporary staffing support? Or, as an employee, are you ready for change? We’re interested to hear your thoughts. Please call the office on 01225 313130 for recruitment advice.

Summer Slowdown extras…