FAQ: will this course help me find a job?

Answering ‘will a certain qualification or course help me find a job?’ And the answer is not always quite so clear cut!

We have already touched on this topic in our earlier FAQ on career change advice. After all, personal study is one option to be considered when paving the way towards a new role or industry.

Qualifications can help demonstrate:

  • Your proficiency in a specific subject/focus area
  • Your willing and/or ability to learn
  • Industry interest
  • Dedication, etc.

Yet, a qualification can only demonstrate these elements to a degree (no pun intended!), and your CV may already be filled with winning examples. One question you may wish to ask yourself is…

Does this job require specific qualifications?      

Let’s take AAT as an example. This is an accounting and finance qualification that you may have seen on our job descriptions.

You’ll see that the requirements vary by client needs; while AAT is presently a ‘must have’ for some it remains a ‘very nice to have’ for others.

From this example, we will likely conclude that AAT is advantageous. It is certainly an industry-recognised qualification that many clients value. However, AAT alone is not a guarantee of a new job.

We also need to consider:

  • Our practical work experience.
  • Other required skills (referring to job specs and other information gleaned).
  • Potential team fit.
  • Interview performance.
  • Our competitors (in terms of the current candidate pool), etc.

And what about other industries?

Many job descriptions won’t mention any form of qualification whatsoever. For example, those jobs in administration and many technical roles. Within these job specs, you’ll often see mention of ‘working knowledge’ and ‘experience with.’

Yet this isn’t to say that there won’t be qualifications that help support your working knowledge or experience! You see, it really isn’t so clear cut, is it?!

In these instances, you might need to spend more time reviewing which courses and providers are most appropriate. Your Recruitment Consultant may be able to offer further advice.

Don’t forget your personal circumstances…

We can see that there are multiple variables that affect our job search chances. We also know that our personal circumstances can vary greatly. Those working several jobs and supporting families may be less able to commit to studies. You should always consider your available time and finances when making such decisions.

If it’s too risky for you to undertake paid studies, review other ways in which you may be able to make progress in your career. Your Recruitment Consultant is well placed to make recommendations. Meanwhile, our Career Change advice should offer food for thought.

Have we answered the question – will this course help me find a job, or not?!

To sum things up in just a sentence: the right course may help, yet there are no guarantees!

Remember, your qualifications are only part of the job-seeking story. For further advice on specific industry qualifications, please contact your Recruitment Consultant.

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