Reviewing your ‘social media CV’

When did you last review your ‘social media CV?’ Understanding how to make a positive first impression online…

What is a social media CV?

This is the term used by HRnews on discussing research from Envirofone. The stats say it all…

  • 60% of employers research candidates via the web prior to making recruitment decisions
  • 58% would not recruit an individual who has a selfie as their LinkedIn profile image
  • 88% of people agree that selfies appear ‘unprofessional’

Suggestion: when professional headshots are not feasible, ask a friend or family member to take a clear photo. Be sure you’re smartly dressed and that the background is neutral (and non-distracting!).

Choose your words wisely…

Remember just how public social media is, and how hard it is to truly erase digital posts! With this in mind, your words are highly likely to be viewed by your future boss.

While you could set up separate accounts, or set current accounts to ‘Private’, you’d be wisest to learn to think before you post.

Inflammatory statements to be aware of include:

  • Items regarding drug & excessive alcohol use
  • Any form of discrimination
  • And negative comments regarding current or former employees and colleagues

It’s still worth creating a social media CV!

Don’t let the research scare you away from social media altogether. Findings also suggest that employers value candidates with up-to-date digital profiles. This helps clarify background information while demonstrating communication skills and expressing a variety of interests.

LinkedIn and Twitter are both named as primary sites for job-seekers to appear on.

And don’t forget your social media CV once you’ve found work!

As the article implies, it can be easy to rest on your laurels (and indulge in free speech!) once you’re in the safety of a new job. Yet please bear in mind that your managers and employers may be watching what you say. Anything that negatively affects the company may be cause for discussion and –in the worst instances– grounds for dismissal.

All in all, taking a little time to consider your digital presence goes a long way to making great first and lasting impressions.

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