Summer HR News

The Summer HR News is whizzing its way to you all. Make sure you receive your copy…

Calling all managers, directors and HR professionals, it is time for the latest edition of our quarterly HR Newsletter…

The Summer HR News is all about getting set for the season, while confidently tackling some of its most common issues.

Top summer concerns include:

  • Handling the office heat, and what the law have to say on this.
  • Team dress code considerations.
  • Managing holiday requests – including those that clash!
  • How to respond if an employee takes leave without permission.
  • Being proactive when it comes to seasonal ailments.
  • Where to go for advice on managing work experience people (plus volunteers and interns).
  • Responding to the annual surge in team outings and events.
  • And how to overcome dwindling focus on balmier days!

Naturally, the Summer HR News contains answers to all of the above. Alongside this, you’ll find five of the latest HR news headlines summarised in brief.

In fact, everything is covered in just two pages – perfect for a quick coffee and a read!

Email us now to receive yours. Speaking of summer concerns, you (and your team!) may find relief in our recent post on managing hay fever at work.