Culture matters to marketers + latest jobs news

Why culture matters to marketers, jobs are ‘going unfilled’, and EU workers are looking elsewhere. Discussing the latest recruitment news from around the UK…

Story 1:Culture, not pay, motivates marketers to move jobs.”

Source: Marketing Week

UK marketing professionals prioritise workplace culture, training opportunities and a healthy work-life balance above salary levels. These findings are connected to high levels of ambition – a characteristic currently shared by 87% of marketers. 

71% will accept a pay cut in order to enjoy their workplace culture. However, the stats do suggest that pay rates become more important when seeking longer-term roles.

Bath businesses can use these findings to communicate recruitment benefits. Employers can also review their offerings to ensure a competitive package.

Story 2: “UK jobs go unfilled as skills shortage bites, study warns.”

Source: Sky News

The Skills Shortage is back in the headlines! Here, Sky News reports on last month’s findings from the REC.

National candidate figures have ‘plummeted’, according to the research discussed. Yet a multitude of sectors require additional staff to facilitate growth and service provisions.

Cybersecurity skills shortages are now of primary concern, following the recent ransomware attacks.

TIP: Local employers should read our Skills Shortage guide: aimed at achieving continued growth.

Story 3: “EU workers look elsewhere for jobs as UK loses appeal.”

Source: The Telegraph

Finally, there’s a marked reduction in UK job searches from EU countries. The figures have declined by 37.2% since last year. That said, the UK remains the job-searching hotspot for European workers.

These results are attributed to Brexit and reflect a ‘sharper and longer decline’ then the drops observed soon after the referendum.

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